Omega Brush-Natural Bristle

Omega Brush-Natural Bristle

Regular price$39.99

These are not your throw away brushes. This is a very top of the line professional brushes. Made in Italy. Beautiful brush that will last you a lifetime.

Each brush is hand-made and bristles are hand-shaped.The bristles have been left with a natural tip on them.Each hair is flagged with two or three natural points. Less expensive brushes use cut hair to get more brushes out of the same amount of hair, but the naturally flagged tips are one of the qualities that make these brushes so superior.

Our Italian Omega Brushes leave the smoothest finish for all chalk based paints. Not to fat or thick in order to minimize paint waste. These extremely high quality natural bristle brushes have a beautiful ergonomic wood handle and are gently rounded to ensure minimal brush stroke marks.


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