Stencil-Old Script 2

Stencil-Old Script 2

A versatile set of 5 stencils. Script size varies but upper case letters are roughly 2 inches tall and lower case letters are roughly 1/2" tall.

Each stencil is a different French phrase of adoration and love:

-English Translation-

  • J'aime ton sens de l'humour – “I like your sense of humor”
  • Tu me fais rire – “you make me laugh” Tu racontes des choses intéressantes – “you tell interesting things”
  • Je t'adore Toujours dans mon Coeur - "I adore you” or “always in my heart"
  • J'aime ton sourire – “I love your smile”
  • 10mil hazy is slightly thicker and more rigid than the 7mil material. It is ideal for plasters where a raised or “embossed” effect is desired. It is also preferred by many professional artisans as it is very durable.

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