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PC- Couture Crust

PC- Couture Crust

The Crust is a rough acrylic plaster designed to create an aged effect or crusty look for furniture and cabinets. It is speckled with a natural mineral from the earth that adds interest and texture.

Couture Crust will provide an aged or crusty look to your furniture or cabinets. It is an acrylic plaster speckled with a natural mineral from the earth. No priming is needed, apply with a brush, roller, Bondo blade or our Behr Trowel. Leave it crusty or manipulate it more to achieve a smoother look. Apply it all over or randomly to achieve your desired look. It can be painted, glazed and/or topcoated with our products. Pull Couture Crust through a stencil then dry brush over it for another effect. It can be thinned with 10% water. Clean up is with warm soapy water.

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