GREENEZ- Strip and Clean

GREENEZ- Strip and Clean

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1.89 litres (.5 gallon)

No more harsh or caustic chemicals

GreenEZ Stip & Cleaner Furniture Stripper is a soy-based, low odour, environmentally, safe and user friendly stripping solution for quick and efficient removal of paints, varnishes and related coatings from wood surfaces with minimal gumming and stickiness.

An all-natural eco-friendly furniture Stripper and Cleaner (degreaser) that actually works!

How to use:

Apply with a brush to all exposed areas. Stripper should be applied in a thick even layer.  Allow the material adequate time to penetrate and react with the coating.  Best results are obtained with dwell times of 2-4 hours depending on the coating type and thickness.  After the coating has softened sufficiently the loosened residue is best removed with a flat scraper.  Reapply as needed.  Once finished apply the GreenEZ Finishing Cleaner to prepare the surface for refinishing.

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