PC-Queens Court (Color of Sweden)
PC-Queens Court (Color of Sweden)

PC-Queens Court (Color of Sweden)

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Colors of Sweden Paint for furniture and cabinets is a soft palette of colors reminiscent of the 18 century Swedish style. The six colors, available in quarts and 8oz. jars, are designed to give you beautiful results, whether you are painting in the Swedish style or your own style. The paint is very easy to work with and is self-leveling. These neutral colors are favorites for today's home. 


The paint dries to a smooth velvet almost matte finish, reflecting light beautifully. In most cases no stripping, sanding or priming is necessary; just make sure to clean your piece first as recommended in our instructions. It has a professional looking finish and can also be distressed, depending on your desired look. Colors of Sweden Paint is water based, and zero VOC acrylic paint with virtually no odor. As an acrylic paint it dries to a very hard and durable finish. For extra durability on tabletops and cabinets apply our Colors of Sweden Topcoat. The paint has great coverage and dries in just 4 hours ready for a second coat or glaze. Layering two colors, applying the second coat with our sea sponge will give you a wonderful aged look. Colors of Sweden products are proudly made in the USA.



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